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Det. Danny Grubb has been a member of the Baltimore Police Department since 1993. He has been using the S.C.A.N. technique for more than five years and has a very good working knowledge of the technique. For his efforts, he has not only solved many cases, but he has also received numerous awards including a unit citation and 2002's Officer of the Year Award. (Detective Grubb also instructs our Introductory Course.)

Det. Sgt. Lorenzo Miles is currently a member of the Somerset County Sheriff's Office and has been actively involved in law enforcement since 1989. He has intensively studied the S.C.A.N. Technique since 1995 and is applying it on a daily basis. He is a graduate of both the LSI Basic , and Advanced Courses on S.C.A.N.  Moreover, Sgt. Miles has attended the LSI Art of Confession Course . He has assisted allied agencies on the eastern shore of Maryland by utilizing S.C.A.N. in problem cases. His assistance using this technique has resulted in the successful closure of many cases. (Detective Sergeant Miles instructs our Introductory Course on the eastern shore of Maryland .)