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Advanced Statement Analysis Course

The Advanced Statement Analysis Course is the long awaited sequel to our acclaimed ThierWords Professional Statement Analysis Course. Like our foundation course it is offered completely online for your convenience. The Advanced Course is addressed to those forensic and clinical analysts who have taken either our basic training or some other comparable instruction, such as the LSI or Quantico courses. Those of you who have had considerable field experience working with statements will appreciate the powerful innovative analytic techniques covered in the Advanced Course.

New topics will include:

  • Pronouns for Pros
  • Characters: Essential and Nonessential
  • Space and Location
  • Emotions
  • Foreground and Background
  • Talk in statements
  • Transitions and narrative coherence
  • Arguments in statements
  • Beginning and Closing
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Context Diction
  • Projective Testing
  • Handwriting and Graphic Deception Indicators

There will also be a variety of diverse real life statement examples including:

  • Threat Letters
  • Suicide Notes
  • Anonymous messages
  • Recovered Memory
  • Urban Legends
  • Dream Material
  • Projective Test Stories
  • Press Releases
  • Witness Statements
  • Date Rape
  • Diaries
  • News Stories
  • Interviews

The Advanced Course will incorporate category studies from our Forensic Statement Analysis Lexicon, which has been in development for many years. Serious students of Statement Analysis will find the Lexicon an invaluable reference tool.

The price of the TheirWords Advanced Statement Analysis Course, including lifetime support is

    only $395

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