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Clinical Statement Analysis Training

The TheirWords Clinical Statement Analysis Course is the clinical version of our highly regarded forensic training. The clinical course includes all the fundamental statement analysis techniques that are covered in the forensic course, but the case examples are taken more from the medical and psychotherapy fields.

This course is recommended for family therapists , psychologists who administer projective tests, physicians who routinely do medical and competency evaluations, substance abuse counselors , social workers who investigate child, spousal, and elder abuse, and insurance investigators who deal with malingering and fraud.

Students will learn to use statement analysis techniques to:

  • Identify unconscious "gaps" in the patient's narration of important life stories
  • Determine who are the most important figures in a patient's life
  • Evaluate how close the patient really feels to specific family members
  • Accurately gauge how committed a patient is to stopping addictive behaviors
  • Interpret Thematic Apperception Test stories
  • Dissect the manifest content of dreams
  • Find new meanings in the Adult Attachment Interview protocols
  • Distinguish real from fake suicide notes
  • Assess the seriousness of verbal and written threats
  • Highlight the linguistic signs of malingering, secondary gain and fraud

Just as in the Forensic Statement Analysis Course students of our Clinical course will:

  • Receive a free copy of our Statement Analysis Software F.A.S.T. Macro ($145 if purchased separately).
  • Have lifetime email support on clinical cases and test interpretation.
  • Have membership in our online TheirWords Statement Analysis Forum.
  • Receive a personalized certificate in Clinical Statement Analysis that is suitable for framing.
  • Be entitled in some cases to Continuing Education Credits.

    only $265

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