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"Ken Diriscoll is a "guru" on the subject of Statement Analysis"

-Avinoam Sapir (the founder of the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation)

"I truly enjoyed this class. It was eye opening and clearly has merit in the investigative world. When I first ordered your class I could not put it down. I find myself LISTIENG to what people are saying and HOW they say it in the news, print and normal everyday communications."

-D. Curtis (Internal Affairs)

"I can't praise the TheirWords course highly enough. I had taken the S.C.A.N. training years ago and thought I knew all about Statement Analysis. Boy was I naive. Donald Bender's insights from discourse analysis and cognitive psychology open a whole new window into what is really going on when somebody tells me their story."

-T. Dansworth ( Silicon Valley Security Supervisor)

"Your feed back was helpful and allowed me to check or validate my review. It instills confidence in an analysis. I am very impressed by how you document your analysis."

-K. Dresen (Private Sector Investigator and Trainer)

"I would like to thank you for providing such a great training program. The skills that I have learned through your course will become a valuable and well used tool. The course was easy to follow and being internet based allowed me to study when it was convenient for me. Once again thanks for all your help and I look forward to working with you in the future."

-J. DeFatta (CFE, CRT)