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Computer Voice Stress Analysis

What is Computer Voice Stress Analysis?

Voice Stress Analysis measures subtle changes in vocal quality due to the increased tension that ineluctably accompanies deceptive utterances. The tension is a function of the autonomic nervous system and can not be controlled or hidden by the subject being tested. In fact, by the Law of Inverse Effect, the harder they try to control it, the more tension will register.

Who uses it?

Different versions of Voice Stress Analysis are now used routinely by government intelligence agencies, probation services, and law enforcement departments throughout the country. The Berkeley Police Department, which was the home of the original polygraph, now utilizes Voice Stress Analysis as a key investigative tool in major crime cases and uses it exclusively in their background screenings for new officers.

What is unique about our technique?

Our approach differs from other agencies in several significant aspects:

  1. We are the only ones to combine Computer Voice Stress with two channels of Galvanic Skin Response, which is the most accurate physiological measure of the traditional polygraph. By triangulating modalities, we are able to replicate findings and give more accurate final judgments.
  2. Unlike other Voice Stress Protocols, we are able to score not only the answers to "YES/NO" questions, but also longer narratives. This permits a more comprehensive judgment of the critical issues.
  3. Our approach uses our proprietary Statement Analysis Lexicon in an algorithm that selects out critical diction and coherence structures for special coding and differential scoring. This additional analysis ensures the highest degree of accuracy.
Because our staff has strong clinical psychotherapy training, we are able to communicate results in a far more empathic and intelligible manner than other testing services. We are also able to offer very specific follow up suggestions for further investigation or treatment. This is most helpful when dealing with sensitive family and personal issues.

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