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Forensic Hypnosis

What is Forensic Hypnosis?

Forensic Hypnosis is a specialized application of traditional clinical technique. It is used by investigators to enhance the memories of victims and witnesses of criminal activity. It can be used to recover the missing digits from a getaway car license plate, the composite facial features of an assailant, or the exact sequence of events in a complicated fast moving crime scenario.

What is unique about our approach?

  1. Because of our strong clinical background we are able to sort out real memories from fantasies and confabulations.
  2. We are acutely sensitive to the unconscious meanings of words, images, body language, and subliminal tonal emphasis. This is very important for being able to recognize and eliminate indirect suggestion, which might contaminate the accuracy of recovered memories.
  3. By using our proprietary Statement Analysis Lexicon we can evaluate the substance of recovered memories based on the form and structure of the utterance. This technique permits a specific Credibility Quotient to be assigned to each key fact segment.
By running Computer Voice Analysis during the actual hypnosis sessions we are able to locate in real time areas of heightened stress. Pinpoint follow up questions can then help distinguish the anxiety of real trauma from the stress associated with intentional deception.

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