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Our TheirWords Human Resources Questionnaires are the essential tool for both public and private sector personnel departments. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a one man shop needing that one perfect and perfectly trustworthy employee to complete a project you will find our TheirWords tool the optimal selection resource.

Each form is custom designed to meet the specific needs of your agency or company. Questions are behaviorally based and elicit answers that directly reflect the employee's factual past response to challenging situations and sensitive issues. There is no way to hide, obfuscate, or fudge the answers.

It is a virtual Linguistic Polygraph, and the closest you can legally come to administering an actual lie detector to a potential employee.

All questionnaires are scored by our experienced TheirWords Human Resources Statement Analysts using our proprietary software and Statement Analysis Lexicon.

TheirWords Statement Analysis provides the following customized services to assess common workplace situations:

•  Hiring Screening Form: Use this tool to help hire the candidate who fits best with your workplace. Our specialists use predetermined methods to assess a candidate according to the criteria you provide us.

•  Specific Incident Form for sexual harassment and discrimination complaints, threats, and other unacceptable behavior in the workplace: Determine what really happened through assessment of employees' statements.

•  Exit Interview Form: Find ways to improve your working style and environment by analyzing information provided in statements from departing employees.

To discuss how our services might be of use to you please contact us at:

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