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Trust and Fidelity Assessment

Trust and Fidelity Assessment Instrument

This most effective questionnaire is designed to pinpoint truthful answers regarding sensitive issues of trust and fidelity. Using the methodology of Statement Analysis , the experienced practitioner can administer and interpret this tool effectively with 16 questions that can be applied to a variety of situations.

You will find this especially valuable in sorting out personal relationship issues. We provide private consultations for individuals who have intimacy and trust concerns.

This can be done by having the partner under suspicion fill out our concise 16 point questionnaire and sending it back to us for expert interpretation. The report will not only give you an objective answer to your trust and fidelity questions, but also address what might be motivating the behavior, and suggest specific problem remedies.

A typical consultation is usually under $200 and includes the opportunity to consult by phone or email with your Statement Analysis Professional.

We also offer a combined Statement Analysis and Computer Voice Stress Trust and Fidelity examination which can be conducted entirely over the telephone.

The cost for this service is determined by the complexity of the issues and the amount of consultation time.

To discuss how our services might be of use to you please contact us at:

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