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How Dependable is Statement Analysis?

Because Statement Analysis depends only upon the subject's statement, it is a "cold" technique. The bottom line is that with proper training, Statement Analysis is potentially more capable of development into a precise technique.

Statement Analysis is a versatile method because it is free from the constraints that limit other techniques. The subject is therefore unaware that his statement will be the object of specialized treatment and analysis. This technique has also been used to weed out false statements about crimes, including robbery, abduction, rape, and theft. The best part is these statements are practically handed to you by the alleged "victim" without any questions. 

As far as the education level of the writer speaker, it does not matter. What is far more important than a subject's grammar and spelling in comparison to the norm is the subject's use of language in comparison to himself.

Unlike both the polygraph and the voice stress analysis method, Statement Analysis does not require high-tech equipment, only a pencil and paper. Like other psychological and behavioral techniques, such as body language, profiling, etc., Statement Analysis serves to focus an investigation.  It cannot be an end in itself, but can prove to be an invaluable tool for an investigator looking for vulnerable points in a seemingly seamless alibi.

In short, learning and applying this technique will enhance your ability to determine truth and lies, whether you are a law enforcement professional or an investigator in the private sector.