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The Analysis Software and the Course

It is not necessary to see the subject to analyze his statement. The interview is only necessary to obtain a statement. The tool for Statement Analysis is really the statement itself and the trained investigator's mind. The investigator goes over the statement word by word, line by line, picking out important and subtle details.

With "Forensic Analysis Software for TheirWords" ( F.A.S.T. ), a software macro developed by Detective Driscoll to assist in annotating statements for analysis, the analysis will be easy because it can be completed quickly, consistently, and accurately. Our online course was designed with the investigator on-the-go in mind. The online course offers all of the training an investigator would need in a concise and convenient online training course. This course was designed to offer you one-on-one training that can be completed at the student's own pace, with available help every step of the way. A trained professional, Donald Bender, will answer your questions anytime; he will assist you with your questions about any statements you may have. He will even add you to the online discussion group of experienced analysts that review statements in minute detail as part of their training, practice, and exercise. 

There is no better way to learn this technique, and no better online training available. Detective Driscoll is an experienced police detective.  As an investigator, he is one of you. Donald Bender is an experienced clinician, who specializes in forensic analysis, computer voice stress, and the cognitive psychology of deception. Together they understand what it is you want and need to do the job. When this course is over, your training doesn't have to end, as you get lifetime technical support, the online discussion group, the certificate of completion and all the perks of attending the classroom without any of the disadvantages. If you have any questions don't hesitate to send an e-mail to Donald Bender at:

Or call (510) 527-5675