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What Does this Statement Show Me?

In the Statement marked-up with the F.A.S.T. Macro it is much easier to pick out the people, the introduction of items, the communication levels and other sensitive / potentially deceptive information. 

Notice lines 7- 8 where the subject admits that he was at the crime scene more then once.

i.e. " I went back "  

You can't go " back " to a location, unless you were there once already. 

In this statement though the writer is trying to tell us his only involvement was, his knowledge that a burglary was going to happen and his loaning Bobby the crowbar. 

He accidentally tells investigators he was at the crime scene more than once that night and by saying, "The washing machine" instead of "a washing machine" he is admitting to having prior knowledge of "the washing machine".


When confronted with the aforementioned information the subject confessed saying that he was there with Bobby during the burglary and that after the two where chased off, he went back and got his crowbar. He said he was working on the washing machine that he claimed to have moved to get the crowbar. That would explain his prior knowledge of the washing machine